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Over 40 Years Experience Specializing In Hair Restoration


Dr Peter Panagotacos


For over 40 years Dr. Peter Panagotacos has specialized in both surgical and medical treatments for hair loss at his dermatology practice in San Francisco. In addition to performing follicular unit micrograft hair transplants, Dr. Panagotacos can prescribe numerous pharmaceutical treatments, including prescription-strength Rogaine® and Propecia®. He is well respected within the medical community for his technical skill, conservative treatment philosophy, and surgical artistry. He believes that nearly everyone, male and female, youthful and elderly, can do something about their hair loss.

Dr. Panagotacos personally works with his patients every step of the way, from meeting with them for their initial consultation, to performing all treatment procedures, and at each check-up visit after treatment. Every patient receives the full benefit of his having over 40 years of experience treating hair loss. Read Dr Panagotacos Full Biography

Dr Panagotacos is Now Offering The World’s Only Robotic Hair Restoration Procedure

The ARTAS iX Robotic Hair Restoration System

Dr Panagotacos has for 40 years kept at the forefront of hair replacement technology keeping with that tradition he is proud to announce the addition of the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System to his practice, the only ARTAS iX in San Francisco. You can now enjoy natural-looking hair –your own hair – that you can wear at any length and style with confidence

  • Minimally Invasive

  • 3D hairline planning
  • Quickly return to your regular activities

  • Hair can be worn at any length or style with confidence

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Dr. Panagotacos personally works with his patients every step of the way, from meeting with them for their initial consultation, to performing all treatment procedures, and at each check-up visit after treatment.

His aim to give his patients full heads of hair by combining his experience and aesthetic sense with the industry’s latest techniques and medical advancements. He will always recommend realistic treatment plans designed to meet both his patients’ needs and his personal standards for excellence.


Artistry in hair restoration surgery is possibly more critical than technical ability. Artistry describes Dr. Panagotacos’ ability to design a natural-looking hairline, that will frame his youthful patient’s face both right after surgery and as the patient advances in age. Artistry is the way that Dr. Panagotacos performs each transplant session so that the patient does not have an “under construction” look between procedures. And artistry is the way that Dr. Panagotacos angles each graft and spaces the hairs for both the appearance of maximum density and an overall natural look.


This book is the most comprehensive and authoritative lay person’s guide to hair loss treatments on the market today. Concerned patients need a source for answers to hair loss questions, and expert advice on which solutions really work. “Hair Loss Answers” was written to address that need.

“Hair Loss Answers” was written to address that need. Read the book online or buy a hard copy version from Amazon.

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Dr. Panagotacos receives the ITMP Outstanding Contribution Award 2017

For over 50 lectures, courses and seminars given at International meetings in the past 35 years.

Countries taught since 1980: Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and USA.

Mentor & Host: Indonesia, Greece, Russia, Vietnam.

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“I don’t mind looking in a mirror today. I hated looking in the mirror when I was bald.”
Jim Yuen
“I’m a professional model and when I started losing my hair, I spent month researching my options. My manager recommended Dr. P as the best in the Bay Area. I couldn´t be happier.”
Douglass (last name removed at patient's request)
“He is still a pioneer. He does hair transplants in a way that no one else is able to do. Other places have turned me down, but he accepted me. He has a wonderful staff.”
Gary S.
“He’s a master at what he does. I tell everyone all the time that he is a genius doctor.”
Michael P.

Not only is he a brilliant medical practitioner, but he is creative and artistic in his application of his medical skills. I got treated according to my look, my needs, not a cookie cutter look. I felt he was focused on me and my look. He is at the top of his game.

Art A.